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The Online B2B Meetings of Croatian Companies and Global Partners

Starting from September 2021, the Croatian Chamber of Economy is continuing with the Go Global Go Virtual project and including new markets.

Already registered Croatian participants just need to log into their account and newly interested participants can register via the website (Register now) button.
As the uncertainty regarding travel and meetings in person in the time of the pandemic continues, the CCE is planning the organization of new online activities within the Go Global Go Virtual project.

The upcoming events:


Additional new cycles of meetings for the upcoming months, with different countries/markets, will be updated regularly.

About the online activities so far

The Croatian Chamber of Economy, together with its partners and supporting organisations from various countries, has been organizing for over a year Go Global Go Virtual online business meetings and messaging for Croatian and foreign participants, in which over 1500 participants took part.

In the times when physical meetings were not possible due to the global pandemic, the CCE continued with the online activities to overcome the challenging times we all encounter in the physical world.

With the intent to transfer the usual Chamber activities such as business delegations and B2B meetings online, the CCE organised a series of online business delegations in the past months, that focused on the following markets: Slovenia; Russia; Visegrád Group – V4: the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia; Austria; Germany; Israel; Italy; Latin America, Ukraine, Korea, Turkey, Australia and France.

These events, just as the physical delegation visits organised at our premises, consisted of:

  • plenary part - that is available online through a designated link and provide additional content such as speeches and documents available online
  • B2B meetings & messaging – provided online through this platform 

Why participate?

  • As European/global purchaser - find qualified Croatian suppliers during effective one-to one online meetings
  • As Croatian market/sales manager - find new European customers

How can you benefit from this event?

  • Publish and showcase your Croatian products, services as well as your specific collaboration ideas or business needs
  • Meet your peers, company representatives for further discussions on topics of your interest
  • Initiate and arrange B2B online meetings at the event

The Top 3 objectives to make your stay a success:

  • Meet  Partners, New Suppliers, Customers 
  • Discover New Products & Services
  • Get Information about Specific Markets & Sectors  


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